Starting tomorrow MapleStory M Mesos will be introducing the pre-season Mushking Royale, an chargeless adjustment of the game's absolute activity mode, area Maplers can play until the official release. Bookings by name will be accessible to all players for the official launch, who arise to the Mushking Royale preseason and actualize a character. The top Mushking Royale players from ceremony arena will accept Founder's Packs, which cover a set of Merets, absolute items and admission to the bold from October 1st. To accompany Mushking Royale, download MapleStory 2 on the Nexon Launcher.

The MapleStory 2 absolution was arise by Nexon. The bold will be accessible for chargeless in October for the PC. The Activity Royale admission Mushking will aswell alpha in August. Maple Adventitious 2 has gone through a lot of bankrupt beta tests in contempo weeks and months Meanwhile, there is now a absolution date of 10 October.Ook players can participate in the preseason of the Mushking Royale mode. This is the Activity Royale admission that will activity in MapleStory 2. The admission was already activated by players during the added bankrupt beta.

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