This isn't only from the MLB 18 stubs trailer, but it needs to be addressed nevertheless: MLB The Show 18's servers are going to be an integral element to watch.

Online has ever been touch and go with MLB The Show. Every entry going back to the PS3 was plagued with some sort of issue with lag or host connectivity, but last year was especially bad. Game results took forever to sync, disconnects were uncontrolled, and it was frequently impossible to login. In a game becoming heavily than ever on internet elements, it was totally unacceptable.

The studio recently held a closed alpha, and are working on ensuring that processing is dispersed across multiple servers. Senior producer Jason Villa advised Game Informer,"We're taking advantage from what we saw in the cheap MLB The Show 18 Stubs closed alpha in terms of consumer's behaviors once they got online to write logical and smart load tests to replay that consumer experience."

Every year Sony San Diego says it's likely to enhance the online play, but this past year really seemed to be the breaking point. Let's hope so.

MLB The Show 18 seems intent on fixing many of the issues that have plagued online play


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